Shane Lowney: How to Advance in Your Career

Shane Lowney is a successful mechanical engineer based in Tampa, Florida. He has been working in the mechanical engineering field for over ten years now. Although mechanical engineering can be quite competitive, Lowney a very passionate about his work and hopes to continue to move forward and learn and grow as he continues working. He has already advanced quite significantly throughout his career. If you are looking to climb the career ladder, here are some tips to help you.

  • Look for opportunities to take on more work at your current job. People like those who are willing to go out of their way to help others. This also shows that you are comfortable taking initiative and would do well in a position of leadership. You’ll stand out to your boss, and they’ll feel more comfortable assigning you advanced work.
  • If you have free time to expand your knowledge, do it. Take a new course in your field, teach yourself how to use a new technology, or read a book on something that might help you get ahead. This just gives you more skills to add to your resume, and people will be happy to work with someone who is open-minded and likes learning.

Ask your boss what you can do to take that next step forward. Many people are scared to ask their boss what they need to do to improve, but this actually is a great way to let them know that you are interested in moving up with the company, the way Shane Lowney has in mechanical engineering.

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Shane Lowney: Making Time for Charity

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer by day, but in his free time, he enjoys volunteering for charities in the Tampa Bay area, where he lives. He frequently works with his wife, Christine, to help these organizations with whatever they need. In the past, he has worked at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and more. He has also donated money and necessary goods when he has not been able to spend time at these organizations. Many people believe they don’t have time to volunteer for charity, but here’s how Lowney incorporates it into his schedule.

  • If you have a busy social life, see if you can get your friends to volunteer for charity with you. This is a fun way to hang out together and do something good for the community. Brainstorm and find a cause you are all passionate about, and then spend a weekend afternoon helping out. You’ll be surprised how fun it is to work with others on these projects.
  • See if you can get your company involved in volunteering. Many organizations spend time on charity initiatives together. See if your employer would be willing to let you organize a dedicated group of volunteers or even sponsor a charity. By making this part of your work responsibilities, it is much easier to find time to do it.
  • If you absolutely cannot find the time to contribute to charity, see if there are any local organizations in need of goods like canned food, clothing, or toiletries.

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Shane Lowney – Tips for Traveling Alone

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer from Tampa, Florida who loves to travel. Although he frequently takes trips with his wife, Christine, he also enjoys heading abroad on solo adventures, and he also travels for his job as well. Many people think of traveling alone as being very intimidating, but Lowney actually enjoys it very much and finds that he really enjoys experiencing a new city on his own. If you are traveling on your own, here are some tips to help make it more fun and stay safe.

-Be sure to familiarize yourself with the area you will be traveling to before you go. Know important routes, like how to get to your hotel and how to get to restaurants or grocery stores. Stick to populaed areas, as solo travelers are statistically more likely to be taken advantage of by criminals if you aren’t careful.

-Stay in touch with friends and family at home while you are abroad. Not only does this give you someone to talk to about your adventures, but you’ll also have someone who knows who you are in case anything happens and you need help. With some caution and common sense, this is just a precaution, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

-Don’t think that just because you are traveling alone that you have to stick to just eating room service. Dining alone is not nearly as awkward as most people believe it to be, you just have to prepare yourself by bringing reading materials. With a book in your hand, you’ll look content and occupied to other diners, who won’t give you a second look. Plus, you’ll get some much-needed time to yourself. See if you can get a table outside or a private booth, as these feel more comfortable to many solo diners.

-Take time to relax. It can be much more overwhelming to take on a big itinerary by yourself than it is with a group, so be sure to give yourself at least a little bit of time to relax in your comfy hotel bed or tan by the pool.

-Look for easy and safe ways to meet people. There are many social networks and websites that are designed with this in mind nowadays. You can arrange to dine with other travelers or with locals who want to share their cooking. There are also many tour groups that will pair you up with other groups of solo travelers to make it easy to meet people. When traveling abroad, you can also look for known expat hotspots, which are a good place to meet other travelers.

Shane Lowney loves exploring the world, both on his own and with his loved ones.

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Shane Lowney – How Make Money from Your Side Business

People with skills can sometimes make a living by working as freelancers or by working part-time on side projects and jobs. Shane Lowney learned many mechanical engineering and repair skills while earning his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. He learned how many different mechanisms worked and how they are supposed to be maintained and operated for maximum safety and efficiency. His skills landed him a job at a local factory in Tampa, Florida, his hometown, and allowed him to work on his own with other companies who need new mechanisms designed or improved to make their products or services available to all of their customers.

Shane Lowney developed skills that are in-demand in a field he is well-versed in. Developing a skill that people and businesses need is the first and most important step in working as a freelancer or getting work on a part-time basis to supplement your income, as Lowney did. The next step is to get in contact with willing customers. Small businesses are usually the clients that most freelancers have. They will only hire you if you can prove that you have useful services for them. You’ll likely have to settle for small, piecemeal projects at first until you build a portfolio and prove that you can handle specific tasks in whatever work you do.

Shane Lowney works many hours per week both for his factory job and his side clients. He is even trained as a pilot and certification and takes people on tours above Tampa Bay in his Cessna 182 aircraft as yet another side gig.

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Shane Lowney – Graduate of the Florida Technology Institute

Shane Lowney, a mechanical engineer working in Tampa, Florida with a factory helping the operators of heavy machinery work efficiently and safely, graduated from the Florida Technology Institute, or the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. He also works for a number of other companies in the Tampa area who need expertise when designing new machinery and for production. Lowney learned all of the skills necessary from Florida Technology Institute, located in Melbourne, Florida, on the state’s Space Coast, to start a rewarding career in mechanical engineering in his hometown of Tampa.

The Florida Institute of Technology is a great investment in the future for all students who want to work in a growing and sustainable field. It offers students access to some of the best teachers in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, space sciences, information technology and systems, and more. Shane Lowney wanted to go to the Florida Institute of Technology because he knew he wanted to work as an engineer of some kind. He dreamt of designing his own machines and devices. FIT gives students a chance to learn alongside leading engineers in their fields and learn specialized skills with hands-on experience and full engagement from their professors, who all work hard to give their students the best chance to learn the intricacies of engineering and several other courses of study.

Shane Lowney has helped many different businesses produce by fixing and maintaining heavy machinery and by designing new devices and machines himself.

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Shane Lowney – A Few Key Rock Climbing Gear Items

Shane Lowney loves to get out of the city every once in a while to rock climb wherever he can find suitable walls and rocks throughout Florida. He has been to the Everglades to climb there and has traveled throughout the United States to find the country’s best rock climbing destinations. Lowney is a mechanical engineer based in Tampa, Florida and works for a factory that needs its heavy machinery to work properly at all times to make money. His services are highly valued in making sure that the machinery works well and is safe for all workers in the factory.

Shane Lowney travels to all corners of the world at times to find the best rock climbing challenges. He and his wife Christine are constantly looking for their next adventure. In order to face the many challenges of rock climbing in all of the places you can find it, you need the best gear you can find. Often times, your life and health hangs in the balance and is dependent on your gear. Here are the essential items for all rock climbing gear kits for climbers of all abilities and experience levels:

 Clothing. Your rock climbing clothing should wick away sweat and be breathable enough to keep you from overheating on rock faces, which can warm up quickly in the sun depending on where you’re climbing. You’ll also want to stay warm and possibly invest in clothing made from synthetic materials that won’t stay wet if you’re caught in weather.
Shoes. Rock climbing shoes should perform two essential actions when you’re climbing: protect your feet and allow you to generate the friction needed to gain footholds. They should fit snugly but not be uncomfortably tight. When you acquire a pair that works for you, never wear them on the hike from the car to the bottom of your rock wall. This could ruin them for when you need them.
Helmet. I don’t care how far off the ground you climb; you should always bring a helmet. They can protect you from serious injuries from falls, of course, but they also protect you from slamming your head against wall when you swing and try for that next hand hold.
Harness. A good climbing harness, as Shane Lowney knows, consists of two basic parts, the waist belt, which should fit snugly over the hips, and leg loops around each leg. Climbing harnesses allow you to tie into your rope safely and securely to avoid slipping and injuring yourself.
Chalk. Climbers take plenty of chalk to improve their grip.
Carabiners. You can never have too many to secure ropes and other equipment.
Belay device. This allows you to repel back down safely and easily.
Ropes. Obviously, you should have sturdy and long enough ropes to climb.
Crash pads. Nobody likes falling onto hard ground or rocky surfaces while climbing.

Shane Lowney has been climbing for many years.

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Shane Lowney – What You can do with Mechanical Engineering

Shane Lowney wanted to be a mechanical engineer because he has always been handy with machinery and he wanted to get a job working with his hands when he was out of college. A native of Tampa, Florida, Lowney wanted to get an education in Mechanical Engineering so he could use his natural talent with machinery and design to start a rewarding and lucrative career. Today, Lowney works for a local factory to help fix heavy machinery and operate the production line machines to add efficiency. He also has two other side jobs that he does part time to supplement his income and keep him busy. He designs new machines for small businesses and private farmers and helps fix machinery for these other clients at times as well. Lowney also took an interest in aviation and today flies a Cessna 182 aircraft for tourists and others who want to see Tampa Bay from the air.

Shane Lowney wanted to attend the Florida Institute of Technology because he knew it was one of the best technical colleges near his home and he wanted the best training possible to start his new career. Lowney knew that he wanted to stay close to home as well, so he enrolled in FTI and quickly found his calling. Mechanical engineers can take a variety of jobs in many different industries. Many offer engineering services to companies or on a freelance basis like Lowney does on occasion. Others work on manufacturing the machines themselves, designing them and ensuring that they work properly for use in many different industries. Some mechanical engineers, especially on Florida’s so-called Space Coast, near Cape Canaveral, work on astronautics and design and implement gear for spacecraft and other highly complex space monitoring systems and machinery. Other mechanical engineers work on computer manufacturing and hardware development for new computer products and services. Still others work in Research and Development for companies that need to design highly technical products.

Shane Lowney found his skills and services in high demand after he earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from FTI. Since moving back to Tampa, Florida after he earned his degree in 2002, he has found plenty of opportunities to work on machines and ensure that they are working properly and safely for workers on factory floors, farms, and more. Lowney loves his work and recommends mechanical engineering as a course of study to anyone who feels comfortable tinkering with machines and finding out how they work and how they work best.

Shane Lowney has always been comfortable taking things apart and putting them back together throughout his life. He loves his job and he loved working to earn his education in the field that he knew he would be good at in his professional life.

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