Road Signs to a Successful Career

It’s hard to succeed at anything. This is the reason that many people spend their entire lives attempting to become successful, only to fall short. A person will get a couple of chances in his or her life to become successful, and from there it is up to what they decide to answer. Most people will not even realize when their chance has come and gone, and it is quite often that successful people are determined through luck. Here are a couple pointers on setting yourself up for success:

  • Always be ready. This concept remains the same though its execution may be different going from one field to the next. There have been incredible movies made because the guy from the mailroom gets on the same elevator as an executive, pitches his movie idea, and gets hired on the spot.

Know what success looks like. Success is not becoming God or Buddha. In this case, it is not being one with everything or always having enough money and always being happy. Although many people strive for such things and hope for those things ultimately, it is important to know what success looks like to you when it comes to your career.

Shane Lowney has worked as a mechanical engineer for around a decade and has earned a good reputation along with respect in his community. He earns a good wage and enjoys his life as it is. This is his definition of success, and although he will continue to work on growing more, he is happy with where he is.


About Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who has worked in his field for a little over ten years. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and then proceeded to quickly get his Engineering License. He is married to a girl named Christine, and the couple constantly takes time out of their busy schedules to do community service work.
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