Shane Lowney – Tips for Marital Bliss

The divorce rate is America is higher than ever and steadily rising.  Unfortunately it seems that not enough people are willing to put forth the effort it requires not only to fix a failing marriage but to maintain a healthy one.  Luckily this isn’t the case for Shane Lowney and his wife Christine.  The two have been married for around a decade and although they have experienced their share of dilemmas, they remain happy together thanks to the work they continue to put in as a team.  Here are a few of the ways they make sure marriage stays in tip top shape.

1.Never go to bed angry. This may sound easier said than done, but with some practice is easily attainable.  At the very least try to put aside any differences long enough to sleep next to one another.

2.Learn the art of picking battles wisely.  A successful marriage contains a good amount of compromise.  It’s ok to let things go every once in a while.

3.Make date night a part of the schedule.  Life happens.  Make it a point to find time for one another regularly.

4.Work on communication skills.  Having efficient communication skills is beneficial not only to a relationship but to one’s life in general.  It drastically minimizes the risk of misunderstandings which in turn can help extinguish fights.

Shane Lowney and wife Christine may appear to have the perfect relationship and by all standards just might.  However, they didn’t get there overnight.  Their marriage – as with all good things – took time, dedication, and hard work to mold into where it is today.


About Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who has worked in his field for a little over ten years. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and then proceeded to quickly get his Engineering License. He is married to a girl named Christine, and the couple constantly takes time out of their busy schedules to do community service work.
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