Shane Lowney: How Volunteering Benefits Your Career

Shane Lowney is a Tampa, Florida, native, a mechanical engineer, an international traveler, a dedicated husband and a skills-based volunteer. He volunteers to Tampa, Florida, organizations and he enjoys helping others whenever he can. Shane’s volunteer work makes his life much busier and, often, more hectic, but he finds it to be worth his time. Volunteering helps the community that you live in, it helps you feel happy about your endeavors and, through surprising to many, it helps you further your career. The following benefits are just some of the many ways that volunteer work can improve your career:

  • If you’re doing skills-based volunteer work, you’ll be donating your professional skills to nonprofit companies that help those in need. By volunteering your professional skills and time, you gain work experience, make professional connections and build a reputation for yourself in your community. Additionally, volunteer supervisors are often reliable professional references.
  • Volunteering teaches new skills and different ways to apply your existing skills. During your volunteer work, you will gain experience in new skills and new skill applications that you can put on your resume for future positions.
  • Regardless of if you participate in skills-based volunteer work or hands-on volunteer work, you will build a track work for a specific cause. Picking the organizations that you volunteer to carefully can give you direct industry-related experience for your dream job. For example, if you volunteer time teaching languages to children, and your dream is to be a linguistics teacher, organizations will be more likely to hire you because of your proven track record.
  • Many hiring managers value volunteer work. According to a survey conducted by, 65% of hiring managers consider volunteer experience to be important when they hire new employees.

Shawn Lowney’s volunteer work has benefitted his professional career by opening doors that he would have otherwise missed. His wife Christine, who volunteers at his side and works in the same industry, has found entirely new job opportunities as a result of her volunteer work, too.


About Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who has worked in his field for a little over ten years. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and then proceeded to quickly get his Engineering License. He is married to a girl named Christine, and the couple constantly takes time out of their busy schedules to do community service work.
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