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Shane Lowney works for a mechanical engineering company as a mechanical engineer, working to craft parts and schematics that work well with common mechanical devices for many different clients in the manufacturing and mechanical industries in Tampa Bay, Florida, where Lowney lives with his wife. Lowney was fortunate to land his position at Under the Bridge Engineering in Tampa in 2001, a time when many mechanical engineers were jockeying for many of the same positions in the area. Here are a few jobs that those with mechanical engineering degrees can land in the coming years:

  • Biomechanical engineer. The rise in jobs relating to medicine means a larger opportunity for biomechanical engineers responsible for crafting the next wave of medical advancements by engineering structures and materials that can be used in the human body.
  • Marine engineers. These engineers will always be in demand as long as businesses need to conduct their operations in marine environments. Diving companies, offshore drilling companies, which Shane Lowney has worked for in the past, and even some fishing companies need the services of marine engineers.
  • Solar energy systems engineers. The drive to produce working alternative energy solutions has produced a mini-industry of solar energy companies looking for qualified mechanical engineers like Shane Lowney when he graduated from college in 2001 to help develop more efficient solar energy stations.

Shane Lowney also works as a freelancer, crafting and designing mechanical parts for companies on a case-by-case basis. Lowney works full time at Under the Bridge and works weekends to earn extra money as a freelancer. He takes care to never allow his freelancing work to interfere with his work as a project manager for Under the Bridge. His expertise is well-known in the community because of his freelancing work.

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About Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who has worked in his field for a little over ten years. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and then proceeded to quickly get his Engineering License. He is married to a girl named Christine, and the couple constantly takes time out of their busy schedules to do community service work.
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