Shane Lowney – Long Career at Under the Bridge Engineering

Shane Lowney started as an entry-level mechanical engineering team member for Under the Bridge Engineering, a local Tampa Bay engineering company helping to design mechanical solutions for manufacturing companies and other clients in the area. Lowney rose quickly at the company, working his way into a management position only a few years into the job. Today, after 14 years with the company, Lowney is a mechanical engineer project manager in charge of seven teams at the company working to develop engineering solutions for clients throughout the Tampa community. He also works as a freelance engineer on nights and weekends because he loves his job so much.

Under the Bridge Engineering started as a small company run out of a small apartment in downtown Tampa. The company was started by a pair of brothers who majored in Mechanical Engineering just as Shane Lowney did. The Kakowski brothers began designing mechanical parts for companies to help them run their machines and devices smoother. Their first big project was crafting a way to make a local bridge safer and easier for heavy trucks and other vehicles to cross. The Kakowski brothers successfully improved the bridge giving them their company’s namesake and entering the company into the local business community. By 2001, when they hired Shane Lowney, they had many clients throughout the area pining for their services.

Shane Lowney earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2001 and started working for Under the Bridge shortly afterward. He has lived in Tampa Bay for 14 years. The Lowneys and the Kokowskis today enjoy a lasting and fun friendship they plan on continuing for many more years in the future.


About Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who has worked in his field for a little over ten years. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and then proceeded to quickly get his Engineering License. He is married to a girl named Christine, and the couple constantly takes time out of their busy schedules to do community service work.
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