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Shane Lowney – How Make Money from Your Side Business

People with skills can sometimes make a living by working as freelancers or by working part-time on side projects and jobs. Shane Lowney learned many mechanical engineering and repair skills while earning his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida … Continue reading

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Shane Lowney: Qualities An Engineer Must Possess

Having been an engineer for more than 14 years, Shane Lowney has had the opportunity to work alongside a number of fellow professionals. During his career he has noticed that all of the best engineers share a number of similar … Continue reading

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Shane Lowney: How to Foster the Innovative and Creative Mind

Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who is respected in his field for having an innovative, creative mind. Innovative businessmen like Shane Lowney typically aren’t just born with the ability to be innovative, though; it is something that they foster … Continue reading

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